To request commission for 3D Origami Creations, please email us at with the following information:

- Name of the character or design.
- Color(s) that you want (if available), please take a look at our color chart for available colors.
- Size, if available. Most of our 3D Origami Creations comes in 2 sizes: Regular - chibi size about 4.5 inches tall, and Large - about 6 inches tall. Some of our 3D Origami Creations are only available in one size.
- Shipping or hand delivery. Shipping requires shipping and handling charges, depending on the shipping destination. Hand delivery is free but requires to be in or around the Boston area. Please note that some of the 3D Origami Creations are not recommended to go through the mailing process.
- Date you need the order by, if available.

Depending on the design and size, estimate price for a single creation range from $8-$40, sets range from $45-$100+.

If you would like to request commission for Paper Quilling Art, please email us for a quote.
Thank you!
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